Dental Crowns and Bridges in Erie, PA

Dental Crowns

Silver or composite fillings serve well in most minor dental restorations. Sometimes, though, too much of a tooth's structure will have deteriorated to properly support a filling, necessitating a crown or "cap." A crown will replace most of the visible portion of the affected tooth, closely mimicking its original shape and size. 

Crowns are often applied in the following situations:

  1. When too much tooth must be removed to support a larger filling.
  2. As an anchor point for bridges
  3. To safeguard a weakened tooth or repair a fractured one
  4. To cover up misshapen or discolored teeth. 
  5. To cap off dental implants 

Crowns require two or more dental visits to fully implement.

Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can pose a challenge to chewing and speaking. As their name suggests, bridges close the gap, helping reintroduce a healthier bite and smile. 

Also known as fixed partial dentures, bridges consist of a series of one or more pontics (artificial teeth) anchored on one or both sides to dental crowns. A bridge can be molded from gold, alloys, porcelain, or any combination thereof.


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